Monday, March 19, 2012

Sabra Log 6 July 82

6 July- Seas and wind are down 20 mph wind/seas 6-8 ft. We dried the survival suits out after a cold and wet night and without much sleep. Everyone is taking 2 hr watches. We are exhausted and finally are able to go below to get some sleep. Bunks are wet but new wool blankets are the trick.

Humpback the Auto Pilot       A Very Tired Hira
The Gale has quieted.
Our First Mahi- Mahi 

Loran is working like a charm. What an investment- the way to go as it is always updating our position.( in 1982 Sat Nav was new and you had to wait 45 minutes for the satellite to go over to get a position., so I had a loran installed.)  A Hawaiian ti leaf is attached for blessings and we bow to it on a regular basis. Ti leaves adorn the auto pilot, the vane, and the man over board pole.
Eating fresh fruit, PBJ sandwiches. We had to throw out the rotting celery and lettuce.
It is still difficult moving about and going to the bathroom is such a chore.
1400 hrs- we shook out the second reef in the main