Wednesday, February 21, 2018

A New Twist of Ownership

I have exciting news to report. It has been in the making for several months, but Shatoosh, my previous boat has been sold again and the new buyers are two of my friends Joyce and Phyllis from Arizona. Joyce who has crewed on Shatoosh while I had her in the Sacramento Delta, the Columbia River, the Pacific coastal waters of Washington, Puget Sound and British Columbia will confidently take the helm of Shatoosh. Phyllis is new to boating and excited to be part of a slow boat to everywhere.They are returning  her to the name of Shatoosh. They will trailer her up to British Columbia in April and will begin cruising the Salish Sea. Perhaps Joyce and Phyllis will begin a new blog. I'm really happy Shatoosh is back in our circle of friends and know she is champing at her dock lines to start cruising again. Its great to know someone you like who owns a boat.

Phyllis on the Left, Joyce on the Right

Departing Sacramento CA

Shatoosh settled into her Arizona storage space