Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Shatoosh and Pashmina For Sale

World Famous Albin 25
Shatoosh and Pashmina
For Sale
Shatoosh, Albin 25, Hull Number 1124, 1972.
Re-powered in May 1998; Volvo MD2030B with 2300 hours.
Pashmina, 1996 Portabote- Genesis III, 8ft, 10 in.

This is an opportunity of a lifetime. Don't pass this up. I am looking for a buyer who will take exceptional care of these classic boats. They have carried me and my crew safely for 8,500nm. Shatoosh is loaded with cruising gear. She is berthed in Tacoma Washington at the Foss Harbor Marina. 
Please email me for specific information if you are a serious buyer.

Thank you blog readers for all your emails and your concern. Selling these incredible boats is a timely event for me and my decision is based on changing priorities in my life. We have had an incredible run up, in and around all the navigable waterways on the west coast. I have had more fun on these boats than any I have owned. There is someone out in the Albin-boating community who wants to have as much fun as I had and I will be delighted to pass the torch to them. Share the fun, share the joy.