Friday, March 29, 2013

Haul Out Zittel's Marina

Finally, we had a predicted window of weather change so I scheduled my haul out for this week. The weather cooperated, the Zittel Team was superb and today I am back in the water and Shatoosh is up and running. We did get some unexpected surprises along the way; 2 out of 3 zincs were gone and electrolysis on the prop, along with a large cluster of mussels growing on the rudder strut. What a winter!

I took the prop to Tacoma Propeller where they trimmed off the outer edge on all 3 blades. I have a
1 1/4 in bore, 16 in  LH, 11 pitch with a 1 in shaft. It had a nylon bushing. I was told I needed a bronze bushing so I purchased that and picked up the refinished prop on wed. Back to Olympia to the marina with all the parts, only to discover the bronze bushing would not go on. We opted to put the old nylon one on and relaunched Shatoosh. After a brief test drive: there was horrible vibration and noise and I could not reach my cruising rpms when going against the tide, however with the tide the vibration/noise was down and I could reach cruising rpms. I spoke with the prop man in Tacoma, he said I would have to go with a new nylon bushing. Back in the car to drive the 40 miles to Tacoma, picked up the new bushing but tested in on another prop/shaft. This morning the guys hauled Shatoosh again and left her in the slings and re installed all the parts. Back in the water and another test drive. Wow, no vibration, no fact I think this is the best she has run.