Monday, October 28, 2013

Small Craft Warning and a North Wind

28 October 2013 Monday The Blog Counter slid past the 50,000 mark.

My friend Linda brought her California house guest, Sheila to Shatoosh for a lunch cruise. The small craft warnings kept us tied to the dock all afternoon, but a good time was had. Linda brought her usual treat of Pizza, salad and cookies.

Ah, sun in the cockpit

Pashmina secured on the cabin top.

The sun was warm, Shatoosh rocking in her slip, made for a new experience. Rarely are we tied to the dock, but with guests I chose to stay in rather that risk windy docking scenarios. Instead, we sat and shared stories of living in Ashrams, meditating and being grateful for our good fortune.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Tacoma Women's Sailing Association Fun Sail

20 October 2013
The three Tacoma Yacht Club sailboats braved the chilly fall weather to have a fun sail today. Hira, with an old TWSA crew, Georgia, joined in on board Shatoosh with Pashmina on the cabin top to watch the sail -in and a chance to take some photos. This was my first TWSA boating event since re-joining the club last year.
The weather was gray-gray with a low ceiling, but no rain. The winds were light-light, but all the boats glided  nicely with well trimmed sails. We should expect this, as TWSA is the oldest women's sailing association in the USA and one thing they do best is teach sailing and racing.

The Catalina 47, Tusan Takk, with a large crew

The Erickson 27, Blue Tango

The Columbia 26 Second Wind

After docking we all gathered on board the Tusan Takk and shared the warm, large salon and all the goodies that were brought by the happy boaters. What a wonderful time the ladies and the 2 gentlemen had.  I must attend more "get togethers" as TWSA is lots of fun.

I took Georgia to the launching ramps at the ferry landing and I skooted back to my Foss slip just as the harbor lights were turning on. Five inbound ships were anchored or docked in the outer rim of the bay and I marveled looking at the emergency life boats. I just watched Captain Phillips, the movie and thought it would be a rough jettison as those boats hit the water.

Take a look at TWSA:

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Book Signing Party at the Tides Tavern Gig Harbor WA

The newly published Puget Sound Boating Guide, by Anne and Laurence Yeadon-Jones from Vancouver BC, Canada made its debut in Gig Harbor last evening with an enthusiastic group of boaters. Anne and Laurence have been on a whirlwind tour showing off their new publication. Even if you are not a boater you might be interested in visiting the over 100 destinations by car and see the variety of interesting locations that Puget Sound holds within its shores. If you missed the party, you may purchase the book at their website,

The Vanbergs of Gig Harbor join us

Which Twin has the Toni?

A beautiful Sparkman Stephens Design

Dreamspeaker and Tink wait for their owners to return

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hira and Her Twin, Jean Swing Through Commencement Bay

Friday the weather was picture perfect for an afternoon cruise across the bay. We had a nice waterfront lunch with friends and then headed down the Foss Waterway to Shatoosh's new berth J20 at the Foss Harbor Marina. Jean got to see Pashmina sitting nicely on her winter berth on the cabin top.

Jean took the helm and was happy as a clam.

Browns Point Light House

Mt Rainier

I get excited whenever I see this beautiful mountain.

The Glass Museum from the Foss Waterway.

A nice quiet afternoon on the Tacoma Waterfront. Perfect.
9.9 nmiles