Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sabra Log 28-31 July 82

28 July- Up early for breakfast. I slept on Sabra, warm and toasty, down bag, 2 wool blankets, wool cap, fog horn all night. The people in Neah Bay are really nice. Big salmon run, lots of fisherman, campers.

1135- finished a pot of coffee, overcast with light fog but clearing. Engine on without bleeding. Have 163 poled out to port+ full main moving right along 5k wind out of west. Hurray, here come the westerlies. We had 30 liters in aft tank when we departed today. Have preprogrammed 4 waypoints to Port Angeles. Bambi takes the ferry over to Port Angeles and we arrive at 1630. My friends Midge and Rosie are meeting us. I called another friend Pet, as she will be meeting us tomorrow in Port Ludlow, in her 30 ft trawler.
Hira plots course from Neah Bay to Port Angeles

A beautiful sail downwind to PA, caught one salmon but threw him back. Met up with friends, had a wonderful Mexican dinner, saw their lovely home, They washed my Sabra shirt, as somehow it didn’t get washed yesterday at Neah Bay. Back on board I got a radio call from Bill Birchfield for tv coverage of our arrival into Tacoma.

29 July- Another beautiful sail from PA to Port Ludlow where we will rendezvous with some old Army friends. Bambi on board with us as of yesterday pm.. It is so great to have her join us, as she is always such a support on land and on sea. She has done many an hour sailing with us in Hawaii on Sabra, Double Trouble and the Josephine P. (Mike’s boat) Arrive PL at 1900 hrs. Pet, Davey and Retha have arrived on the 30 ft Trawler, Pet’s Toy from Gig Harbor and everyone is happy to see us.

30 July- Fogged in and finally depart at 1115 hrs. Pet can’t believe she has to go so slow to stay side by side with us and finally make Gig Harbor at 2015. Other friends join us for a late dinner at the local restaurant. I had fried shrimp. Delicious.
Sabra in Colvos Passage
163+ full main

31 July-  We have a leisurely morning with friends and I now don’t want this trip to ever end.
Depart at 1230 and motor over to Tacoma at Tyee Marina and my new slip.

Celebrations in Tacoma

Confident and Seasoned  Sailors
Honolulu to Tacoma: 2812.5nm

I write in my journal:
This trip has been the most remarkable, the most difficult, the most beautiful, the most rewarding, the most exhausting, the most valuable learning experience in my life as to this date.
“Let the stars guide me and the winds carry me through the waves of my life” written in the late 1970’s by me. A dream come true but never completed. There is always a beginning, but never an ending.

Oh yes, now its time to head back to work.