Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hira's Photo Makes the Lady Washington Blog

My favorite photo I took with the Lady Washington and the Hawaiian Chieftain made TLW blog.
Go to: to view and they also have a link back to my blog so others can see all the photos I had posted.  Wednesday, June 22, 2011--Fan Photos: HC in BC and LW in Port Ludlow.
If their blog looks familiar to you it is because we both use the same template. The Historical Seaport really does and incredible job with their sail training programs and also all their other programs. You should take time to look at the Spar Shop, the gift shop and all their other goodies.

Take a peek at their website

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Closing Thoughts On Pacific Coastal Cruise

I'm settling into a new slip in Tacoma for a few months and after taking my crew, Joyce, to the airport, I am filled with many thoughts, feelings about my trip. It was years ago that I dreamed of creating the possibility of cruising Shatoosh up the Washington coast to her new home in the Salish Sea. It was at that time I asked Joyce to crew for me. She didn't hesitate in accepting my offer. I wasn't certain that the Albin 25 was up to the challange and while I had sailed Sabra from Hawaii to Washington, I was confident in my abilities. Later in 2009 when I sailed on the Lady Washington down the coast and the weather was good, I felt that this dream could be a reality, if we picked a good weather window.

I have to thank 3 guys, Larry of the Starship, Dan on the Whiskyjack and Mike of Schooner Creek Boat Yard. Mike delivers boats and told me that he harbor hops up and stays 5nm out. His confidence in getting in and out of La Push calmed my reluctance to go.

Larry wrote me detailed emails about how to cross the infamous Columbia River Bar, describing the magical window: BE AT BUOY 10, 2 HOURS AFTER THE EBB TIDE.

Dan convinced me to install the free SeaClear program and the NOAA Raster charts, which turned my netbook into a chartplotter and has been a Godsend every since I got it up and running. With all their help, encouragement and wisdom, I felt very prepared for this trip. Making several practice runs across the bar, helped me gain confidence and experience. I remained patient and waited for the window of weather to reveal itself.

Having Joyce as crew was the icing on the cake. She is an excellent ocean sailor and we are very compatible in how we deal with issues/challenges. I could let her take the helm with confidence and, in fact, she was at the helm for the bar crossing, and the rounding of Cape Flattery. I could go below and take a quick rest, knowing that all was in good hands. She departed today with a pocketful of memories and fulfilled her own dream of being back on the ocean. Shatoosh and I already miss her.

My special memories were seeing a full rainbow from the north to the south jetty on the Columbia River, as we crossed the bar and cruised through the beautiful arch, the numerous sea animals; birds, sealions, orca whales and humpback whales, the mystical and magical islands of La Push, the kindness of the commercial fisherman at La Push, trusting my judgement calls to turn back in La Push and to proceed forward out of La Push the following day and to see the interactions of the reflected waves off Cape Flattery back into the westerly swells and enjoying Shatoosh handle them so elegantly. Of course, the ports of call were wonderful, how could you not like Port Angeles, Port Townsend, Port Ludlow, Pulsbo to be with the Lady Washington and the Hawaiian Chieftain, Blake Island and Gig Harbor. The only disappointment was Neah Bay with many of the non-functioning essentials and the local folks were rather apathetic in their ability to serve incoming vessels. However, the sea lions and eagles made up for the shortcomings.

The total mileage was 470nm and we used 49 gallons of fuel. Our best speed was 10.4k and our worst was 3.5k, bucking a short lived ebbing tide in Admiralty Inlet. We are currently just about the same longitude as my starting point of Scappoose Oregon, and a gain of a little more than 2 degrees of latitude. Yes, it would have been cheaper to truck her up I-5 interstate, but we would have missed our great adventure. It was such a wonderful trip and Shatoosh out performed herself on the ocean. She is a real trooper, a river runner, a lock loper, an ocean going vessel and a Salish Sea cruiser. Who could ask for more? In 1999, when I started looking for a boat, I wanted an older, fiberglass boat with a diesel engine, small enough that I could run and jump on and go anywhere. I am, thoroughly convinced, that I found the perfect boat.
Joyce and Hira on The Perfect Boat.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Gig Harbor and Tacoma

23 June 2011 Thursday

We put on our cleanest clothes, after washing our hair. Ann, my long time crew person, came down from her home in Tacoma and we ate at an Indian restuarant and then I took them to the Gig Harbor History Museum where they had a showing of maritime art. It was beautiful.

We are tied to the city dock and it is a constant stream of people passing and many seemed to be like me, passing up the mega yachts to look at the little vessels and I'd have to say by the numbers of people who stopped to see Shatoosh, she was the highlight of the dock. Many folks were familiar with Albins, had heard of them, but never seen one, or a friend had one.

Later, we met with old friends, Jane, who had bought a commerative brick for Hira, Shatoosh and Sabra for the opening of the museum. My old mentor, Virginia came with her aunt, Mimmie, who is 104 years old. While Mimmie couldn't get on Shatoosh the others did.

Jane, Virginia, Joyce and Mimmie

24 June 2011: Friday

The last leg for Joyce today as we make a short run to Tacoma and the Foss waterway marina where I have gotten a slip for one week. We depart Gig  at 1000 hrs and the weather is nice. We pass Pt. Defiance and the VHF speaks telling that a gray whale is caught in a net 2 nm south of Pt. Defiance. We also heard that rare sightenings of long nose dophins are way off course and in the lower section of the Puget Sound near Olympia.

We cruise along the waterfront and see my favorite places to dine and then into the Foss to see all the boats and marinas, the International Museum of Glass, and The Museum of Natural History. We get a covered slip, fuel and pump out the head. Joyce rents a car and the Entrprise people pick us up. We  have lunch and head to my condo. Joyce heads for Seattle and I take a one hour nap.
The trip ends.
Day's run: 9nm
Total 470nm

The Foss Waterway and the International Glass Museum

Interesting Vessel from Alaska

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Blake Island to Gig Harbor with Tillicum Village

Yesterday evening Joyce saw a raccoon  coming down the ramp on the far dock. She asks,"do the coons ever get on the boats?" I replied I'm sure, particularly, if people have left dog food out in the cockpit, etc. Just then  the coon continued down the dock climbed out on a boat, crossed over to the large rafted 40 footer, and then proceeded to climb the ladder to the fly bridge. He hung around up there and finally left. Later the park ranger came around and said that we should tie our coolers closed with rope or bungees as they might make their way into the cockpit. We followed his instruction, battened down the cockpit tight and went to bed. Joyce was awakened during the night with one walking on the aft cabin top. She knocked on the cabin top and it scurried away.

Today is our big day, we are visiting the Tillicum Village on Blake with a big salmon feast and holographic show about the Salish Sea and its people, dance and beliefs. We depart at 0930 and head for a launching ramp 2 miles away to Manchester to pick up my Salish Land team member, Linda who has helped me so much on this trip. We swing in and she  hops on and back we go to Blake. The camp host can't hold dock space for us, but as usual, we are lucky and a new spot has been freeded up for us. We are nestled very tightly between 2 big large boats with little wiggle room.

The Argosy ship comes from Seattle and brings 130 + the 3 of us makes for a great group. We are served delicious calm nectar and are asked to drop our empty shells on the path and crush them. The salmon are cooking in the traditional north west Indian style, there are beautiful items to shop for and ancient Indian carved head/masks and totems to view. it is such a lovely venue and well orchestrated program. This is such a final touch to honor our voyage and to begin the new Adventures of Shatoosh and Pashmina.

Afterwards we walk some on the island and see majestic cedar trees and then take Linda back to Manchester and start our Colvos Passage leg to Gig Harbor. It is 1745 hrs when we arrive and the harbor is bustling with activity. We tie up and walk down to Tides Tavern for a celebration dinner. We top off the dinner with hot mixed berry cobbler and 2 scoops of ice cream. It is just hitting me that I am in the Tacoma area, my backyard, and Shatoosh and Pashmina are with me and our voyage is coming to a close. We have made it and accomplished my goal of cruising the Pacific ocean, entering the Salish Sea and coming home with my favorite little boats. How spectacular is that? Shatoosh's Oregon registration number is ABL 123.
I have always said she is ABLE to accomplish anything that I have asked her to do and we start out by saying 123 GO.
Day's run: 24nm
Total: 460nm

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pulsbo to Blake Island

After delightful showers and clean clothes, we venture back up to town and re-visit the bakery and pick up some ice. I cleaned out the last rain water in Pashmina and several people stopped by to see this cute little boat. After an hour of chatting we departed at 1100hrs and got a beautiful view of Mt Rainier; our first. Blue skies, short sleeves and shorts, boy, oh boy this is going to be a great day. Pulsbo is such a great town, the marina very helpful and a tremendous bay to anchor in.

We pull into a new harbor to us, Brownsville Marina. They say it is a quiet marina, so we check it out. They have a nice deli and Joyce finally gets to order her hot dog. We bring 2 back and have lunch on the boat. Then depart again at 1240. This will be a place I'd like to return.

At 1330 we slip thru Rich Passage going 8.5 k and 10 minutes later we follow the shoreline south to the Dock at Manchester, where tomorrow we will pick up a friend, Linda, so she can attend the Tillicum Indian Salmon Bake with us.

1410 we have barely secured a dock space: first come, first serve. The docks are jammed packed with boats. Joyce walks some on the island and I chat with several of the boaters. Everyone is surprised that we have taken the outside route. It has been a beautiful day with amazing views of the snow capped Olympics, snow capped Cascades, snow laden Mt Rainier, and the Seattle skyline. There is nothing like a sunny pacific northwest day.
Day's run 15nm
Total: 436 nm.

boating socks

Very Nice

I look back often and find Joyce in this position reading or typing on her Mac.

Mt. Rainier

What a beautiful day.

Blake Island Totem

Monday, June 20, 2011

From Tall Ships to Small Ships

TLW and HC as we depart

I like this wee-little one.

We have to buck the tide, so it doesn't matter when we depart. We look at the marina office and all the goods to buy. Port Ludlow Marina is very well organized, equipped, and very friendly. It has been a nice place to stay. There is lots of room to anchor out. I take an extra pair of docksider shoes that I don't wear anymore to the Hawaiian Chieftain and donate them, as I am certain that someone can use them. The girl was most pleased to get the gift. Joyce takes the helm and goes to the fuel dock so we can pump out the head and we are off at 0954 hrs.
All day we see dolphins and seals. They are small compared to the pacific ones  and they are quick.

At 1120 we pull in close to shore at Point NO Point  to see the lighthouse. We see red polutants in the water which covers many miles. I think it might be red tide, which some one confirmed. It is algae wich poisons the shellfish. Terrible looking.

Red Tide

Kingston Ferry

Finally in short sleeves

Agate Pass

Joyce and I cruise the cute city.

I miss seeing my Great Blue Herons

I feel this way.

I'm feeling glad for certain and we are on top of the world. The sun is shining, the seas flat, everyone is friendly and helpful. Pulsbo is a wonderful Norweigan town, nestled in the back waters of the sound. It is far away from the maddening crowds, however the bakery was a hot spot this afternoon, when we were overtaken by the waifing smells of this famous bakery. We must make a visit before we depart int he morning.
This has been a smooth, easy day. So mellow and calm.
Days run 28nm
Total 419nm.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

We Are Off Again ..To Port Ludlow and the Tall Ships

It is foggy again and cold. I put the electric heater on in the cabin and then later in the cockpit. Joyce is happy about this new twist of warmth. After breakfast we roam around looking and talking to different boat owners and they visit Shatoosh. Last evening we went aboard the Ariel, and when the 2 men on board hear we had not only crossed the bar, but went into La Push... they said, "men don't even go into La Push". They have been on a 12 year refit of this 60 ft Taiwanese built ketch. They are headed north up and around Vancouver Island, then down to the Broken Islands and then off south to Southern California. It is good to see so many people cruising. The Martha was in and out of port this weekend. I saw her a year or so ago at the Schooner fest in Tacoma. She is a beauty.

1200 hrs...We are off again...with foggy weather, headed for Port Ludlow. See ya soon.
The wind zero, the seas flat, the tide flooding some, the fog has lifted and we can see Point Marrowstone.
About 6 of the boats depart at the same time. We pass a classic coming into Port Townsend At Marrowstone Point we hit a rip and it was as though we sailed into thick mud, sliding to a screeching 2.3 knots and it took a while to get back up to 6.5k which we carried for the remainder of the trip. Just off the entrance to Port Ludlow I could see the Hawaiian Chieftain coming out  with some of her sails up. We waited for her and and cruised with her while she set the rest of her sails. Later we could see the Lady Washington and she was already under full sail. It is so exciting to see them. They were going out for their battle adventure where they have cannon ball fights. All the crew are in period attire.

I call into the marina and get my slip number and dock. A man and wife approach Shatoosh and are interested in knowing more about her. They are looking for a boat and he is a retired Naval Captain who lives in  Port Ludlow. We give them the tour and praise The Albin's attributes, especially now that she has a Pacific run to boost her credentials. He too, was impressed that we came up the coast and went into La Push.

Joyce and I see some interesting boats, so armed with cameras off we went, just in time to see the Chieftain and The Lady return to port. They are docked on our pier. Joyce returns to the galley after some pupus of Canadian cheese and Crackers, to fix salmon, asparagus and potatoes from Linda's garden. The kids on the tall ships are having a BBQ up on shore, they are walking the docks singing and playing the banjo and Ukulele. Ah, just like a quaint seaport in the mid 1700's.

This has been another, "What a Day"..We are on a roll, of great days and great ports of call.
Today's run 16nm
Total: 390nm.



classic vessel

Hawaiian Chieftain

Lady Washington

How cute are we?

TLW arrives back in port

HC furls her sails while TLW docks

Looking Good

Furling Sails on the HC

Yonder built in 1928

Yonder's bow

Strumming along the dock