Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The End of an Era

Mike, the new owner came over to my condo yesterday and retrieved the last remaining odds and ends of Shatoosh and Pashmina. I gifted more of my personal books and put lots of items on his thumb drive. His granddaughters, Charlotte and Gabbie got their fair share of goodies.

It is so wonderful that they are already using the boats, crabbing and cruising. Mike will make sure that he brings Shatoosh up to another level of care which will give her a new lease on life. All of this makes me very happy.

In December 1999, I wrote on a small piece of paper. It said,"I want an older fiberglass diesel powered cruiser. One that I can run and jump on and go anywhere I want to at a moment's notice." The next day I found my boat and almost 15 years later, she fulfilled all my dreams and created many unsuspecting Adventures that were beyond my imagination.

There were so many crew, so many guests, so many faceless blog readers, so many mentors along the way that I could never list them all, but my heart is very grateful for all who planted seeds into the nooks and crannies of my my mind, for all who joined me along my routes and all that sat in their armchairs and read the blog. I thank you all for making the Adventures of Shatoosh and Pashmina a very fun and important time in my life. It was a fantastic run.

Since selling the boats, the blog continues work its miracles among Albin owners. I will let John Stokes in Georgia post his own story on his blog. John lost his tablet, another man found it and it had been run over by a vehicle, but there was enough life left in it for the man to see my blog and John's blog. I was able to give contact information and they all met for coffee, the dead tablet was returned and John has a new friend and the new friend will be getting a boat ride on Ms Bettencourt in the near future. Blogging is such fun when you own an Albin 25. If you don't have one you better buy one.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Faceless Blog Readers FBR

Rick and Heidi Armstrong are new to Albins since buying one last November and have been reading this blog. They live on the Hood Canal. We finally met today and had a lovely lunch at Rock the Dock Bar and Grill. They keep their Albin on a buoy out in front of their house. Welcome to the Albin Family! 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Shatoosh and Pashmina Sold

Today marks a historic event. Mike and Donna June have become the new owners. They have recently moved to the Pacific Northwest from Michigan and have been avid sailors. Today, they took the helm and were last seen headed for Penrose State Park. Their granddaughters, Charlotte and Gabbie were on board and had picked their berths in the aft cabin, the galley was full of goodies, a crab pot was seen in the belly of Pashmina, Hira had left a library full of wonderful books to read and good tiding and blessings were had by all. They will take a few days to find their way to the Hood Canal where Shatoosh and Pashmina will be berthed at Pleasant Harbor.

I am so excited for them as they are well qualified to care for these classic boats. Let's welcome them to the Albin Family and perhaps we all can be reading a newer version of The Adventures of Shatoosh and Pashmina....stay tuned.

pic collage by Jean Ferris

Charlotte makes her debut.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Shatoosh and Pashmina For Sale

I have been showing Shatoosh and Pashmina on a regular basis with a rather low key advertising approach. Now, I have decided that I would rather sell her sooner than later, so that I can move on to other aspects of  my life. My selling price is now reduced to $20,000. I can furnish a detailed inventory for interested parties. Now on craig's list.

Call or email me for appointment. Berthed in the Foss Harbor Marina, Tacoma, WA.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Update on SV Storm Bay

I met Chris and Margie several years ago as Storm Bay was crossing the Columbia River Bar and I was crossing from Ilwaco, Wa to Astoria. Storm Bay hails out of Hobart, Tasmania. We have stayed in touch over the years as they have cruised to Mexico, Galapagos Islands and Chile. Thursday, March 12, 2015 they rounded Cape Horn with good weather and calm seas, while the day before had 80 mph winds. Their next stop are the Falklands. Fair winds and blessings go to them.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

World Wide Albin 25 Locator

A new service has come out of the Albin 25 Club in Sweden. You may post your location of your Albin 25 on a world wide map. This is a wonderful addition to link our global positions of all our boats. Thank you Bjorn for letting me know about this.

World Wide Albin 25 Locator

Saturday, March 14, 2015

An Invitation Comes in My Email

This is too good and I can't refuse an offer like this one. Since putting Shatoosh up for sale, I have been asked over and over,"does this mean you are through with boating"? When one door closes another opens. Ticaboo, an Albin 25 in Arizona and their owners have just invited me to join them on a cruise of Lake Powell. This has always been an inland destination of interest to me so I'll be packing my boating bag in October 2015. Dave is a retired Lake Powell Park Ranger and his wife Carol an avid boater. They have planned a great trip for all of us. I am so excited. Stay tuned.

see Ticaboo's blog at the end of my blog site.

A Gift Comes in the Mail

The other day a gift arrived in the mail from Anne and Laurence Yeadon- Jones, famous Canadian authors of the Dreamspeaker Cruising Guidebooks. In 2013 they published their new cruising guide on Puget Sound. I had met them on Hope Island and we begun a series of meetings around the Sound. They offered a special to many of their cruising friends to select their favorite cruising destination and to share reasons for their decision. My favorite destination was McMickin Island State Park. My special gift was a drawing of Shatoosh entering McMickin Island.

Thank you Laurence for taking the time to prepare a special drawing from the book. I miss seeing you, Anne, Dreamspeaker and Tink in the Sound.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Follow Up Melita III and George Grech's Snake & Columbia River Trip

I had a nice follow up email from George on his river trip. Boy, he doesn't slow down any. Here is his new video that he put together on his trip Snake and Columbia Rivers. I loved the music he added to it and the photos brought back lots of memories for me.

He planning another trip coming up to the San Juan Islands later this year. I am hoping to meet him.Thanks George, again for creating dreams for people.