Monday, August 4, 2014

Somethings You can Never Plan On

I saunter down the dock to Shatoosh to spend the afternoon and night. After getting on board and putting things away, I notice pieces of blue foam on the Aft cabin and then on the roof. It seems as though the sea gulls have been pecking away at the foam noodles I use to support Pashmina when she is on the hardtop.
I quickly clean up the mess and remove the noodles, stowing them in the aft cabin.

This seems worthy of a Haiku.

A visit to the boat.
Sea Gulls peck my noodles.
Sea Gull noodle soup.

A friend of mine joins me for dinner at a local seafood place. No Gull served here, so I had a crab and artichoke melt. Later I had a nice, cool evening row in the Foss Harbor Waterway in Pashmina. Perfect and pleasant.