Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Hira seems to have abandoned her favorite boats for the cozy fireplace, friends, family and snow storms. The storms didn't curtail my Christmas activities. My twin Jean came and between the 2 of us we went everywhere, zipping here and there for events. We even made a Port Townsend concert and since we were the only ones who showed up we got a private 2 hr concert. How great is that? I had stated at the start of our trip, "for those who make a supreme effort always get rewarded with the biggest boon." From the words of babes come .....Gwen Moore of Turtle Bluff put on a magical, private concert of Shubert and Chopin for us. If you are ever interested she plays Coffee Concerts Mondays and Tuesdays 1000-1200 starting in the Spring. Each concert if a bargain at $8.00 which goes to musical scholarships to students on the Olympic peninsula. Seeing her new home is also a very special treat.

After lunch we checked out boats, of course and saw this cute one in dry dock. It was almost a caricature of a fishing boat with its exaggerated lines and twin bildge keels.
After the first of the year Hira will visit Shatoosh and Pashmina. I always rest in comfort knowing they are under cover of a shed. However, I do know that some marina sheds have collapsed under the weight of heavy snow in the past .
I'm looking forward to some winter cruising, any takers? Have a wonderful New Year.