Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Shatoosh>Hobbit Has Another New Owner

In November 2016, Shatoosh my old Albin 25, HN 1124 renamed Hobbit by Mike June was sold again to  Mike Cady who lives along the Sacramento River in California. These photos show some of the extensive work Mike June had done on Shatoosh and the new owner Mike Cady launching her on the Sacramento River.  Hobbit will be berthed at Courtland on the river. May the new owners have a wonderful time with my beloved Shatoosh/Hobbit/?. It is interesting after all those years and miles miles that she is back in California and in the Delta Region. She was originally shipped fro Sweden to San Francisco Bay.

Previous names for Hull Number 1124
High Life

Friday, April 29, 2016

Shatoosh Gets a New Name

Hobbit is her name. "We named her Hobbit because she is small, faithful and will take us on epic adventures". Mike and Donna June have been hard at work doing a re-do of Shatoosh. I'm just now getting some pictures. Their long awaited launch is upcoming and I'm hoping to get to see her at some point. I'm so excited for them and Hobbit. They hail out of Hood Canal so keep an eye out for her and introduce yourselves to them.