Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sabra Log 23,24 July 82

23 July- I write, today is 25 July and I have not had time, energy or desire to write. The winds begin to pick up around 1000hrs from the north 15-20 then to 25mph.  Unable to start engine from aft tank fuel, and get a lot of air out of line and start from forward tank.

1500hrs- Winds pick up 30 mph. We put in one reef in the main, take down the 163 and bag it. The 160 was lashed on deck from earlier use, so we bagged her and put both below. Then brought back up the 130  and hoisted her. Each bag is as big as Jean and I and they are very hard to move in this wind. We both are moving slow to get this done and Mike is hand steering. It is a tiring 1.5 hours to get it all done, but this has to be done to get ready for a gale and darkness. We have just gotten our storm and Sabra is kicking up her heels. You go girl.  At 2200hrs we are 394nm from the cape.

24 July- Winds-north- have increased to35mph at 0100hrs.
0400 hrs- We are all up to put the 2 reef in main and leave the 130 up. The seas are huge and daylight is beginning. Sabra is doing very well, then some beeg rollers come thru perhaps 20-25 feet high. We had some 45 gusts  and once the anemometer was pegged 2x at 50mph, but mostly stayed 30-35. We had to take the vane off, as the gaskets slipped on that lower mounting bracket. Back to hand and bungee steering. Have switched to 2 hrs on and 4 off. We are very wet, it is cold, the condensation is running off the cabin walls.
1300 hrs. We have re-bled the engine to start on forward tank and then switch to aft tank. We can’t get engine to start on aft tank even with bleeding it.  We are eating little for day and half, no cooking.
Electric bilge pump also acting up again. Now hand pumping q 2 hrs, depending on the amount of seas crashing on us. Thank heavens for that new dodger extension and weather cloths. They keep most of it off us.
2200hrs-240nm to Cape.