Saturday, March 1, 2014

A Musical Interlude on Shatoosh

26 Feb 2014
The sun Gods appear and welcome aboard new compadres on Shatoosh. Lance, Jeff, and I gather to meet and get to know one another better. We are all local LifeVantage Distributors and have taken this opportunity for Lance to share his love of his numerous flutes.  Jeff is a long time family friend and expert fisherman. His mother Ann, is one of my faithful crew, but he has never been onboard before.

We depart the slip and head outbound of the Foss Waterway and shut her Volvo off and drift with the ebbing tide into Commencement Bay. I point out the Seaport Museum, my proposed Vancouver Notch and then Lance starts bringing out his cherished Shakuhachi flutes and ukelele. He beautifully plays as Jeff and I sit quietly and absorb the notes deep within our beings. A harbor seal circles Shatoosh along with gentle rips tides. The waters are flat with a gentle bounce that seems to be keeping time with the music. **I am having trouble inserting the video.

Our time, while short, is wonderful. These are 2  talented team players and we look forward in working together and deepening our newly found friendships.