Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Planning Continues

10 Feb 2010

I have been very busy with planning for my summer adventure of running down the Snake and upper Columbia rivers. I spoke with my nautical guru, Captain Dan on the Whiskyjack, about adding new charts to my SeaClear program. I was having problems remembering how to get them auto calibrated. True to form he came through, again, with valuable information that I have written down and am keeping it in a safe place for future use.

There is nothing like having usable information. Armed with fresh knowledge I set forth collecting all the NOAA charts from the Snake river down to the Bonneville Dam and calibrating them. Now my HP mini is loaded and the charts are viewable. This is just the greatest success.

In addition to those charts, I added all the puget sound/san juan island and gulf island charts.I have also narrowed my choices of marinas in the Puget Sound area for when I bring Shatoosh "up north", as they say.