Friday, February 19, 2010

Albins Around the World

I have just heard from Andreas Ghafour who owns DIDO, an albin 25.
He writes,"Hira,I went through major parts of your blog. What a pleasurable experience! Journeys within journeys. I’ve linked your blog to my Albin-website, if you don’t mind.
Regards from Vienna, Austria, where spring is lurking around, waiting for its chance."

A25AK #1178 DIDO

Andreas, while keeping Dido on the Danube, he takes her over to the Adriatic Sea for summer time cruising. How fun would that be...all that beautiful blue water. Take a look at his website, as there are hundreds of photos of Albins in Europe. Enjoy this site, it is great.

More from the snowy North:

Hi Hira
"I am following your blog from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. I have an Albin 25 hull number (can't find it in my log book and the boat is outside on a trailer covered by at least 3 tarps and lashed against the snowy winter weather) and vintage 1975. I cruise the waters within 100 miles of Thunder Bay which includes Isle Royale National Park ( in the State of Michigan and in Lake Superior) and a good part of the north shore of Lake Superior in Canada.
You are a bit more adventuresome than I am so keep up the good work on your blog. I spend my frozen winters following the exploits of other cruisers. I have all the charts on my computer so can easily relate.
Hope you are seeing some of the Olympics in Vancouver. We are glued to it - especially hockey and curling."

Bob L.

Bob emailed me today and noted an error in my previous posting. The corrections have been made. Thanks Bob, I do appreciate the help, whether it be nautical or editorial.