Friday, January 29, 2010

More Preparation on The Cruise

After many hours of going through the charts and picking marinas and way points, I found myself confused about which Dams were on which river, the names of the lakes and which dam they belonged, and where was the marina I had planned to stay below the Lower Granite Dam. Even though I had made spreadsheets, I was missing the big picture.

Yes, that was it! I needed a picture to overview the trip. I took 2 sheets of 8x10 paper and drew out the Snake and Columbia Rivers. Then I marked all the dams, all the lakes, and all the marinas and included the river mile markers. Now I have 2 pieces of paper with all the info I need. How sweet is that? This will be a big help for me, as well as my crew.

If that was not enough, I went on Google Earth and labeled all the Dams and Marinas. It will be good to see what the river actually looks like as we plan for each day. Some of the photos are spectacular. I feel really good about the route now, with its capsulated format. There is nothing like a picture being worth a thousand words.