Monday, February 22, 2010

Heading Home

Monday 22 February 2010

I awoke this morning on my own, there were no blasts from the hunter's guns. However, it was still a frost filled morning, clear blue sky and the thermometer in the cockpit read 32, the cabin read 42 and the inside of my down bag read 80. I lingered, bundled up, savoring my hot coffee. Since I don't routinely carry an ice scraper on the boat, I'll have to wait until the sun melts the windows, before I venture away from the dock.

I'm excited to start my trip back using my new system, but as soon as I turn it on the GPS is sending static energy into the program. It is jumping all over the screen and nothing is working, not even the mouse. After several attempts to make something happen, I turn the whole thing off. I'll have to deal with it on another day.

Yesterday at twilight, I noticed 4 ospreys flying up the river. Wow, they are in their returning migaration. I'm told they winter in south america. These birds may be the  front flyers. I looked the river for them this morning on my return home but saw none. I did see 5 eagles, and herons building their nests. The Great Blues start early and cluster their nests in a group of trees, creating Rookeries( nurseries for herons). Having anchored under rookeries,in such places as the Meadows in the delta, I recall the non-stop noise of the youngsters screaming constantly for their supper.
Later, I drove into Portland, on Hayden island to buy some Volvo parts and to set up an appointment with my mechanic, then made my way back home. I'll be back next week for another adventure.