Saturday, June 15, 2013

Shatoosh and Pashmina go International---into Canada

La Conner, WA to Bedwell Harbor, Pender Island, British Columbia
5 June 2013 Wednesday:  

Joyce arrives thanks to Collene of Seattle, who has picked her up at Sea-Tac airport and brought her to La Conner.

We have to look at this new constructed ship, as it is being prepared to go to Russia. It is a landing craft built by Munford.
Russian for Sea Wolf
Beautiful welds on her.

A New Ship Ready to Go to Russia

Our Route from La Conner north over the top of Orcas island to Pender

We arrive Pender Island Customs to clear at 1745. Then proceed to a slip and have a delicious dinner at the Poets Cove Resort.

Canadian Courtesy Flag

Days run: 42nm
Total : 135nm