Friday, June 28, 2013

La Conner, Langley, Kingston

27 June 2013 Thursday

This is a long day, but I am now pressing to get closer to home. The weather is rainy, dark and gloomy....typical for the northwest, but the good news is there is no wind. I'm off at 0745, but the currents in the Swinomish Channel are running hard and I have to wrestle Shatoosh with the bow and stern lines a few rounds so that I can get on board.

I have picked up several of interesting pieces of wood for Pene in Langley so call and she meets me at the marina. She delivers a few things I need and surprises me with a bag of cherries. We have a mug of hot chocolate and the weather improves so I am out of my slickers and off across the Sound to Kingston where there is a nice marina and fuel dock.

The evening is wonderful and the shower is free.

All these dark, boiling systems never produced any rain or waves in the later day. I arrive at 1700 hrs, 3 minutes off my ETA.
Days run: 46nm
Total: 359 nm