Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lunch with Reiki Friends

My journey to the capitol was to meet up with 3 of my Reiki friends. One had to go to the dentist, so that left Mary and Patrice to have lunch with me at Anthony's. We had fun catching up; Mary busy with her artwork and Patrice busy with her property/gardening/artwork, too. I discover that Patrice lives at the very end of Little Skookum Inlet and in fact she ventures even farther up the Skookum creek. Skookum creek?? I didn't even know there was one. This intrigues even more. If I can't get back that far in my boats, I just might to have to start on her land and come out at high tide. She says on higher tides she might have 15 feet of water.  Boy, that is not what the charts reflect. Stay tuned.

They are finding their houses on the chart.
Mary can see Eld Inlet from her house.

Mary is in a scooter because of her MS, so we didn't try getting her in Shatoosh today, but she made it down the ramp and Patrice and I helped push her back up. She went on her way and

Patrice was up for a ride, so we headed out Budd and back and she learned about range markers and channel markers. Looking pretty smug about it all.

All in all we had a very nice time together and will have to do it again and we will get Mary on Shatoosh for certain.

PS- I met up with Patrice again, this time by car. We went to her house on Little Skookum Creek at high tide. As you can see there is water. I know what my next adventure will be after I study the high tides and get back on board. Patrice's house is filled with interesting items. Humm, I am always interested in looking at other animal's sphenoid bones. The sphenoid bone is intriguing and spiritually significant, as it is also called, the temple bone.

A rather large Moon Snail

Beaver skull