Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dreamspeaker and Her Famous Owners

I return to Hope Island and get a buoy again. Boy, I do have good buoy karma. A very nice Sloop anchored near by and she was flying a Canadian Flag. I had seen her in Olympia at the yacht club dock. I haven't seen many Canadian cruising boats in the south sound, so when I departed in Pashmina to row ashore they were returning to their boat so in passing they said she was a Sparkman Stephens design. No wonder I liked her. After I cruised the shady side Of Hope Island in the evening I returned with the change in tide and noticed the stern name for the first time. Loud and Clear it was Dreamspeaker. Oh my goodness, I say to myself and row over so excited. Dreamspeaker and her owners, Anne and Laurence Yeadon- Jones are famous Northwest Cruising Guide Experts. They have written 6 Cruising Guides for the British Columbia and Vancouver Island and are writing one about Puget Sound. One or more of their books was on my wish list.

I am invited aboard and we have so much to talk about--cruising Puget Sound and Peter Puget. I buy a book and get it autographed and Laurence gives me a signed copy of his new Puget Sound Planner Chart which will be coming available. His elaborate charting of places and Anne's descriptions of  cruising sites makes for wonderful guides. If you have never owned one, it is time to buy one, or buy a copy of their book chronicling their adventures in Dreamspeaker and Tink their dinghy. I have so much respect for their cruising abilities and their ability to publish such elaborate guides for all of us to plan our next vacation, adventure or summer. Thank you Anne and Laurence for your efforts, focus and perseverance in guiding us..

You can contact them and purchase guides and books from their website:
www.dreamspeakerguides.com or click here: Dreamspeaker

PS. Anne lost her sunglasses ashore, so a few days later when I went back to Hope Island I was able to find them next to a log. I will deliver them to Anne when they come to Tacoma. Anne tells me her sunglasses have been cruising with her for more than 20 years. Glad I found them.

How do I look with these fancy glasses?