Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 6 Peter Puget-Pickering Passage, Totten and Hunter Point.

25 May 1792, Friday- Day 6:  Pickering Passage-- Totten Inlet-- Squaxin Passage

After rising, an inventory of all provisions was taken and  it was determined that sufficient supplies were available until the following Wednesday. The men were not opposed to eating crow, and there seemed to be an unusual abundance of them to supplement any lacking food supplies.

They departed with a high moving tide, headed down Pickering Passage and took Squaxin Island to port. For some unknown reason they failed to explore the immediate inlet  into its reaches which is Hammersley. Having failed to see past the dogleg, they could have thought it to be small cove.

They entered Totten Inlet and noticed many abandoned Indian villages, which they thought were temporary or seasonal. Lt Puget thought this inlet to have many beautiful spots and were in full spring bloom. By noon they had reached the end of the ebbing tide and were 2 miles from the inner end. Not wanting to run aground they reversed their course and made for a lunch camp near the entrance. Then they moved up and around the headlands and reached a very pleasant spot on the east shore of the very narrow peninsula (Hunter Point). They made their evening camp, had no Indian visitors, were pleased with their sweeping views of the vast southern branch, and enjoyed their solitude while their campfire flickered into the beautiful night.

Days Run: abt 14nm
Total Run: 99nm