Friday, June 15, 2012

16 June 2012 Gig Harbor:Shatoosh and Hira Get Dressed Up for the Dock Walkers

Too Tall Greets me as I arrive in Gig Harbor
I see Too Tall on the dock and he says Lt Puget and I respond, Mr. Whidbey. He has brought Skol over to Gig to be sold at Gig Harbor Yacht Sales.

I am in Gig Harbor soaking up some long overdue sun. It is so beautiful here when the sun is out. I took Pashmina out for a ride this morning along the back sides of all the docks, poking her bow into some some small spaces to see starfish and jelly fish. I stop at my old marina, Lucca's Landing and recall the fun times of having Sabra in her special slip on the end of the pier. Easy in and easy out.

One sees all kinds of dock walkers, but I had to take a photo of this ? walker. She was in her kayak and later I helped her out of her boat. I have seen a parked wheel chair on the dock when a person with paraplegia was out kayaking. Items left on the dock does make one stop and ponder the situation. Then you have the many who walk by and never take notice.