Friday, August 19, 2011

17 August 2011 Ann Joins Me Blake Island

We head up north through Colvos passage and our destination is Blake Island. In all the years Ann has lived and boated in the Pacific Northwest she has never been to Blake Island. So, we slice out a few days of our busy schedules: she is a new grandmother to the 3 children her daughter and son in law have adopted, and I need a break from my Porta Bote delimna. The weather is beautiful, skies are clear and the seas calm.

Colvos Passage separates Vashon Island from the Peninsula and the tide always runs north. We are running nicely with the ebbing tide at 7.3-8 k. The docks at Blake can be filled in no time, but I plan on arriving before the afternoon boats fill all the spaces.

We arrive about 1130hrs and have several spots to choose from, so I take a starboard tie at the end and then later hand turn her around with the bow out for departure. We take a walk along the east shore and sit on a log and look at Mt Rainier off in the distance. It is so calm and peaceful. Some movement catches my eye and I spot a mother Raccoon and 3 babies meandering along the low tidal zone and then they finally make their way up to us and scatter into the forest. We saw a mother and one baby already earlier when we walked up to the Indian Tillicum Village to make our reservation for the evening salmon bake and dinner show.

Mt. Rainier in the distance

More boats venture in and in no time the docks are filled and boats begin to raft up together. Ann and I visit with a couple on their Canadian built boat. They have just had their inflatable dinghy attached to their swim platform with Weaver Davits in Tacoma. He shows me all about it. They keep their boat at the Foss Waterway in the storage areas. This is where I wanted to go, but they are reluctant to store inboard motor vessels.

A sailboat stern ties across from us, so his wheel catches my eye. Both sides collapse to give you walking room while docked. The photo is showing only one side collapsed, but both sides fold in. A Folda-Wheel.
I like this idea. Clever designing.

We have a delicious salmon dinner and show. Afterwards, we get a close-up view of the dancers and their elaborate and huge Salish Indian head masks The long beaked one weighs 50 lbs and is about 5 feet long.

Some interesting photos of old totems.

Sunset from Blake Island.