Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Napa River Albin Owner Reads Blog

Its Tuesday morning, 2 March 2010 and I awake at 0300 hrs. I check my emails to find a note from one of the Albin Yahoo Group members. He has his Albin on the Napa River, my old stomping grounds, and has checked out my blog. He emails the group the following note:

Your boating blog is wonderful !! And you seem priceless. I'll be in touch when I have time to think. Anyone else who wants to read a blog about the perfect use of an Albin 25 and a special person should follow her link.
Bob Z
Albin 25
Napa Valley Marina"

Thanks Bob, for all the nice comments/recommendations re: the blog and happy cruising to you and let us hear from you about your Napa Valley adventures.

I took Shatoosh to the Napa Valley Marina for 6 months to make her my own and to find our collective sea legs. I have such fond memories of the marina, the people who helped me, the river and cruising through those beautifully manicured vineyards. See a photo of Shatoosh going aground on the Napa River on the right side-bar on the blog.  It was a 6 hour wait to get off and then I had to run the river at dark. Those sneeky sand bars are bigger than the chart depicks them to be.