Monday, March 8, 2010

My Dry Run To The Snake River

My trusty Rav 4 heads east out of Puyallup, Washington weathering a forecast of cold weather, rain and possible low level snow. It is chilly going over Snoqualmie Pass with slight, momentary snow flurries and the sun is coming out and stays out until 1400 hrs. By 1500 hrs it is cloudy, no rain and wind has prevailed all day. I decide to slip south and zig until I zag across the Snake River stopping first at Palouse Falls on the Palouse River and then as it enters the Snake at Lyons ferry.

I am not prepared to see what awaits me at the Falls. I drive over the flat top rolling hills and hidden from my view are canyons carved deep within the basalt hills. The signage tells me to leave the highway and travel 2 miles over dirt roads to the Falls. The narrow dirt road dives deep into the canyon. I park and walk down the path, hearing thunderous water falls over 200 ft high. I am over whelmed, I do not know where to look first, as it is all so beautiful.

The basalt basin with green tiered rings surrounding the canyon is breath taking. I feel as though I might be in the universe of Pandora.

As I look down river towards the Snake, I do see a few rapids. I am not certain we could manage to get Pashmina up this far. I would love for the crew to be able to see this. This is far more beautiful than I thought it could be.