Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lyons Ferry State Park and Marina

As I left Palouse Falls yesterday, I headed down river to its confluence at the Snake River where Lyons State Park precides. The park, still closed for the winter, opens next month. Boats can go up the Palouse river for a mile and then kayakers can go all the way to the falls.

Across the Snake river( mileage marker 60 sm) is the marina, nestled in a small cove and well protected  by a large breakwater. There is a KOA camground, cafe, store and launching ramp. This could be a perfect place to rendezvous with some of my rving friends who want to join me. And could offer my crew an opportunity to take a ride in a vehicle to see the falls. 

As I cross the river there is a large railroad bridge down river and upstream lies The Little Goose Dam.