Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Large Steelhead At Little Goose Dam

There was a stiff up river wind that didn't dampen this fisherman's effort. A beauty of a catch, nature's best, steelhead trout. This is the biggest I have seen, but they do come bigger the man tells me. I like eating steelhead better than salmon.

The geology of the river gorges are fascinating and my appetite has been whetted by getting to see all the different configerations. My favorite is still the columar basalt. It is amazing to be able to touch it with your hands, so ancient, so powerful. WOW!

I'm back on board Shatoosh tonight. It is raining, but my last 2 days were mostly sunny and dry. My mega Snake and Columbia river dry run was most fruitful and I made lots of connections along the way and peeked into several marinas, taking pictures of approaches, fuel docks, and transient docks.