Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy Holidays 2009/2010

Its 2 January 2010 and I am still in the southern desert of the United States, overlooking the thirsty Rio Grande River in El Paso, Texas.
I'm celebrating my holidays with my twin sister Jean, who is 90 seconds older than me.

This is the beach from which all our boating began. Our parents liked to fish, so we were hauled all over Texas, New Mexico and Mexico to fish. Jean and I learned early on to run the outboard motor and our parents would let us cruise on our own, as they fished from the shore. Little did they know they were launching our many boating aspirations.


We have been on the go, criss-crossing the river, criss-crossing the southern states of New Mexico and Arizona to bird watch at the Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge and see friends, attend Mass at the beautiful San Xavier de Bac Mission outside of Tucson and to attend a Reiki gathering at the Proyecto de Santo Nino in Anapra Mexico, where Jean initiates the mothers of severely handicapped children in Reiki. Reiki is a healing art from the Usui Lineage coming from Japan. We both were able to receive blessings on our hands from the local priest. This clinic was established by 3 Sisters of Charity, over 3 years ago. Now they have over 40 families coming for assistance and treatments. It is a sight to see and I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to attend events over 2 days. For details of our visits please look on Jean's Reiki blog listed below at the bottom of the blog.

I am so grateful for the quality of my life and for my friends and family. Seeing life on the border and south of the border gives one much to contemplate and feel gratitude. My life is always blessed and for that I am sincerely grateful.