Friday, July 13, 2012

My Final Leg Home

13 July 2012: Friday

The morning is overcast again, the wind died down during the night and at 1000hrs, I slip the lines off the buoy and head for my marina.  I am at the end of the ebb tide, but will time myself to get back on the flood so later in the day I can haul all the bags at near high tide. That ways the ramp won't be so steep. I have lots of time to spare, as I will meet a friend for early dinner in a nearby town.

I'm liking the new depth sounder, so take off the old one and mount the new one permanently. I keep the old cable routed to the dash, so if I ever need to hook up the old one, I can do it in minutes.

As I move through my chores, I realize how happy I am to clean Shatoosh and Pashmina. They have performed so well, and I am so grateful to have them in my life, that I am taking great delight in scrubbing, polishing and drying all their parts from the bilge to the engine and from the hardtop to the swim platform. All seems in good shape. Thanks again, my little friends.

Here are a few pictures that did not get posted earlier.
salmon stuffed with seafood

Sand Collars

Sunset over Olympics

What's Wrong With This  Picture?
A big boat tied to a little buoy and
A little boat tied to a big rock.
Don't Rock my Boat

This has been a week filled with Adventures for certain. I have had a wonderful time, hope you have enjoyed it, too.