Monday, May 28, 2012

Linda Joins Us

25 May 2012
Linda joins me in the afternoon for a short over night trip to McMicken Island, as she has never been. We have a late start for the Memorial Weekend and are surprised to see about 12 boats moored and anchored. There is a minus .97 ft tide when we arrive. So we anchor behind the great tombola spit that connects McMicken to Harstene Island. We choose to anchor closer to Harstene to get away from the crowds. This is giving me a taste what summer is like here. I have been spoiled to be the only boat here all winter and spring. But it is an opportunity to anchor and see how the holding ground is.

We take Pashmina ashore and walk the spit. We see lots of live sand dollars and even see sand collars which are made of thousands of moon snail eggs encrusted in sand. They are rubber in texture. I forgot my camera so here is a wikipedia explanation .

Linda is quite the farmer so she supplies new lettuce from her garden and we have fresh corn and jalepeno grilled shrimp and rice.

The next morning we take a walk through the trees.

This one is big..a douglas fir.

The weather is holding so we decide to stay another day. I want Linda to see Jarrell's cove. I figure it will be totally crowded, but we are surprised to see very few boats here. I pick up my favorite buoy at the rear of the dock area.

At low tide, a minus.3 ft still gives me 5 feet of water or 3.5 ft under the keel.
A young kid in a dinghy makes a nice trail in the water behind Shatoosh. We have a leisurely afternoon.

I take Pashmina over to the fuel dock/marina and look at boats. I get an ice cream for me and take a candy bar back to Linda. On my way back I cross paths with a Sam Devlin designed boat that I had seen at Hope Island. We got invited on board and she is a beauty. Again I did not have my camera. She is the MV Ellie K

27 May 2012
It is overcast, so Linda takes the snap shackle off the buoy and we head back to the marina about 12 nm away. What a nice, easy laid backed  trip and it is always fun to have Linda on board.