Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hope Island/ Squaxin Island to Home Port.

15 May 2012 Tues
Its 1230 hrs when I depart Hope Island and the Voyaging Society and I still am not ready to head directly back to my home port, so I continue to explore some more of the Squaxin Island shoreline. I anchor on the north side in a small cove and use my small danforth lunch anchor off the stern. The tide is ebbing, but the flow where I am anchored is gentle and I hold my position until 1430 hrs. I weigh my little anchor and for a change take it out on the bow rather than getting my cockpit wet. I find that it piggy backs well on top of my big danforth which is on the anchor roller.

This short trip has allowed me to see some new territory. Too Tall Tom is making his way to the Pacific Northwest. He has picked up Skol, his famous Snake River Arima 16 footer and will be arriving here next month. Stay tuned, as our big Peter Puget Exploration is about to begin and boy oh boy are we going to have some fun.
Day's run: 9nm
Total: 59nm.