Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fox Cove Sucia Island to Shallow Bay Sucia Island

14 September 2011 Wednesday

I'm in Pashmina early to go exploring along the shore of Little Sucia. As I came in yesterday, it looked like a white sand beach, however today I see that it is all crushed clam shells, by the millons. There are some very interesting shaped rocks and pieces of wood. I gather a few pieces for my great nieces and friends.

A Sphenoid or Pelvic Bone?

All clam shells

A baby haida bear

I stop and talk with a nice couple on a good looking Ranger sailboat and they have long distance cruising plans when they retire. We watch a small family of otters playing along the shore and rocks. I return to Shatoosh and get ready to move back around to Shallow bay. I pick up a buoy and in a few minutes a better one opens up, so I unhook and get the better location.

I notice the British Flag on the Island Packet sailboat( Songline) with the Porta bote which was anchored in Inati Bay on Lummi. I row over and talk with them. They have owned 2 and love them, but have had to replace all the parts to them. They have sailed from England to the Caribbean and the Panama Canal and then had her shipped up the coast to cruise BC and Washington. Check out their website. They are a few years behind in their postings.  Gee, I don't feel so bad.

I eye a beautiful Vindo made in Sweden and talk with the owners as I paddle around the shoreline. The sun emerges late in the afternoon so I get on to cleaning some black marks off and clean the water line. Then freshen up Pashmina, as we have tracked alot of sand in her. She has never looked so messy.

The evening is spent trying to catch up with blogging. I have never been so far behind. My camera is bulging with photos and stories need to be written, but the signal comes and goes and when that happens, another day go by without blogging. I am getting calls from friends about the delays. Its 1000pm and the wind is coming up, so will close and check the lines.

Today's run 1nm

Total 265nm