Thursday, September 22, 2011

Finding Another Safe Haven- Kingston

22 September 2011 Thursday

I hear the wind whipping in the sailboat rigging and the rain begins to pelt the cabin top. It must be about 0400hrs. This does not sound good but later the weather seems better, There is still light wind. I see my anchor hawespipe has a broken chain to the top from the pounding yesterday. Not wanting to lose the lid, I make an emergency repair with dental floss. It is durable, flexible, strong and small enough to tighten down in between the small links.

I'm not missing breakfast today as this could be another rough one. I fry up a couple of eggs in my new little skillet and my new baby-sized spatula,

The weather worsens as I reach the Clinton Ferry on Whidbey. I see a small dock at the ferry landing which I did not see on my up island leg. I could always return to it. But I choose to continue on and at 1100 hrs take a beating off the southern tip of the island. I start looking for the next place I can get into, which is Kingston Harbor and 9 miles away. The seas settle some and unlike yesterday the trough is better spaced and I can actually ride the swells. I arrive right on my ETA of 1300 hrs. After 4 hrs of standing and steering I will consider this my safe haven for the day.

I have never been in here before and it is a quaint village. The rock breakwater makes it very calm inside. There is plenty of guest moorage with easy access. The harbormaster tells me if I need to go to the grocery store which is about 3 blocks away I can take the electric car. This is the cheapest, yet the most pleasant place I have stayed. It is less that $1.00/per foot.

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Day's run 19nm
Total 370nm