Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Sunny Work Day

Sunday 9 May 2010 Mother's Day

The other night after dark set in and as my head was hitting the pillow, I heard an active group of coyotes off in the distance. I could hear 4 distinct voices and they were definitely on the island. This is the first time for me to hear that call of the wild, while in Martin Slough. I always hear them while tied up for the night at Coon Island. I do love to hear them, as it conjurers up pioneering life in rural America.

This morning I ran the engine and charged the house batteries, then put Pashmina in the water and scrubbed the Shatoosh's hull, waterline and bottom as far as I could reach with the deck brush. Then I scrubbed Pashmina and put her back on the cabin top. Her tarp has met its last days so I have another to replace it. I fix the ends of all the tarp lines, taping and heating the ends.

 The weather continues to be beautiful and warm. It is such a joy to have good weather. Another couple in an old sailboat pulled in last evening. They were moving her to her new slip in Kalama. Both of us spent the morning cleaning boats and they were getting all the winter dirt off. She looked quite presentable when they left and they were excited to have her near their new home in Longview. I bid them farewell and wished them lots of fun in the coming months.

I left at 1445 hrs and slugged my way back up river and against the tide and current. The best I could muster was 6.2 knots and that was hanging out on the outer fringes of the river on the Oregon side. I by passed my other favorite, Coon Island, as the wind started to get cold and a rain squall was approaching. I did, in fact, pass a huge sea lion who was in hot pursuit of salmon. The Multnomah Channel was serene and still and hardly any boat traffic.

I had such a wonderful trip and the sun has boosted my spirits.
Total miles run 36.9