Saturday, October 10, 2009

Anacortes WA and More Albins

I depart Orcas Island, WA before dawn on the first ferry to Anacortes. I took this photo yesterday while my long time friend Carol shows my house guest, Pene and I around the Theosophical Camp, Indralaya. It is situated along East Sound going into the Village of Eastsound. Carol's grandparents were among the first members. It is a magical place and this picture gives you a glimpse into the beauty of the San Juan Islands. If you have never been there, it is worth the while to go.

Upon arriving on the mainland, as it is called. Actually this is a misnomer, as Anacaortes is on Fidalgo Island, but is connected to the mainland via a bridge over a very small river. I head to the marina area to explore. This is something I have never done as I am always making a bee line to catch a ferry or to hurry home. Not today, I am taking my time and I am going to wander around for as long, as my heart desires.

Right off the bat I see another Albin 25. I do have a magnetic attraction to them. This one has no name and is docked in the Port of Anacortes. It is also slightly in disrepair. There is a huge stainless steel boarding ladder in the cockpit, which would be handy to have, but storage would be a problem.

I go to another area and find some covered slips which I did not know existed. I venture into the marina office to check it out. The smallest slips are 32 ft and are, state of the art. The marina is located on the east side of the city and has a substantial breakwater for protection. This could be a very nice possibility for Shatoosh's next home. I'm finding covered slips in Washington are much more expensive than where Shatoosh is berthed. I am finding, also, the range of marina conditions vary considerably, within the same price range. I looked at some real run down places in Tacoma that cost as much as these do and they have fuses with knob and post wiring. Can you believe that?

I am amazed at the number of boats that are for sale in these huge storage areas. I drive around and see many nice vessels. Whoops, another storage area and another Albin. This one is in derelict condition as is the trailer. The tires are flat, and the trailer is rusted. This baby hasn't be in water or on asphalt in probably a decade. The vinyl name is almost gone, but the glue is readable: BOS 2. Such a shame to leave a boat to rot in some overgrown storage yard. It is the only boat there and the only other resident is a derelict RV. They probably wail at night, like the spirits of the lepers on Molokai. Misery loves company, so it is good they are together. I don't even think this one is possible to rehab.
My trip to Orcas has been wonderful. I have had a wonderful time being with old friends, meeting new ones and tracking down all these Albins.