Monday, October 12, 2009

Albin Genealogy

When I bought Shatoosh, her name was Rayanna, for her owners Ray and Anna, however there was lots of evidence on board that that she had other names, other owners and other places she docked. An old cushion said High Life, a brass plaque saying Stockton Yacht Club Opening Day Regatta and papers with names of haul out yards listing different names.

Years ago a man named Mickey called me. He used to own Albin boats of various vintages and was one of the first buyers of an Albin in the Bay area. He had an old membership list from one of the Albin clubs in the bay area. This is what he shared with me. The Albin25 was being sold by the dealers, Bauman Brothers and Dick Miller of Sausalito.

In Feb, 1975, Hull Number 1124, built in 1972, was owned by Robert Vallerga of Los Gatos, CA and was named Sea Horse. In 1993, her name was High Life and she was owned by a fireman by the name of Hill who lived in Stockton. In 1993, she was bought by Ray Sarlin of Sausalito and he named her Rayanna and in Dec 1999, I bought HN 1124 and changed her name to Shatoosh. I berthed her at the Napa Valley Marina, then, Oxbow Marina on the Georgiana Slough, near Isleton,CA, and after trailering her to Oregon she started at McCuddy's Marina, Scappoose OR and is currently berthed at Scappoose Moorage in Scappoose, OR.

The names of Shatoosh and Pashmina are unusual and I am often asked the meanings of their names. Shatoosh and Pashmina are the finest wools in the world. The wool has been gathered for hundreds, if not thousands of years off the bushes in the Tibetan Highlands. In the late 90's the Chinese started killing all the goats and skinning the animals for their precious wool. The goats became endangered, so I wanted to honor the goats and their beautiful wool. I own many beautiful shawls and scarves made of these wools and they, along with my Albin are very precious to me. I love being wrapped in my Shatoosh shawl, just as I love being rocked by the gentle wave action of an Albin anchored in some protected cove or lagoon, as I lay in the v-berth reading a wonderful nautical novel. Both whisper soothing vibrations to my soul.

Do you know your Albin genealogy?