Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Day 5: Port Ludlow: Mats Mats Bay

5 July 2014 Saturday

0645 departure starts our return journey south and homeward bound. We unwind our way out of Mystery bay and have a spectacular view of the sharp peaks of the Olympics. The Port Townsend Canal has a big surprise awaiting us. As we pass under the bridge off in the distance there are 2 eagles  flying back and forth across the canal swooping down to the water as to catch a fish, but each time they come up empty talon-ed.
I can see water splashing with each swoop. As we get closer a mother mallard is escorting her 5 new chicks across to the other side. They are looking like little fuzzy golf balls. The eagles are approaching from the rears, but with each swooping effort the chicks simultaneously dive together and head off the thwart. This is nature at her best. I have never gotten to witness such an encounter. Thank you for this wonderful gift.

I lay out my hidden route to Too Tall. We are going to explore some Nooks and Crannies. I ask for definitions between the two. Too Tall who is an encyclopedia book on a dull day but today he is really a sharp shooter as he fires back as though he owns a Glock:  A Nook is a safe place where a Cranny is an opening or slit. He checks his phone for any data misses. Mats Mats Bay will be our perfect Nook and Cranny destination. We will have to go through the Cranny to get to the Nook. Mats Mats Bay is a little cove just north of Port Ludlow. I have always wanted to go int there but never had the time/nerve to get in with my larger sailboat Sabra. This would be the perfect day. My friends Anne and Lawrence Yeadon-Jones are Canadian authors of the Dreamspeaker Series of Cruising Guides. Their new Puget Sound has found a prime location on my nav station. Also there is Richard Blumenthal's  Place Names book. Together they make a perfect library for the Pacific Northwest cruiser. We spend a lovely 3 hours here. I fire off an email to thank them for this little nook and cranny adventure. They have recently added many new features of their website so please go and meander a

Laurence draws all the charts

Lining up the red range markers on shore

Anchored on bay with lunch hook
just in time for lunch, nap and row.

We arrive  Port Ludlow at 1300 hrs and get a slip  near the office/showers/laundry. This tree was estimated to be 750 years old when it was found. The totem is beautiful.

Too Tall Finds his ship,
The Elmore-built in 1890
His name is Elmore.

Too Tall gets started on Haiku Poetry and gives me a starter lesson. Ok, I can do this, I say to myself.
The first line has 5 syllables
the second line has 7
the third has 5

Nook versus Cranny
Narrow slit is a safe place.
Oh boy, Mats Mats Bay

Too Tall then writes one for the ducklings and eagles

Eagles out for lunch
Both Mom's have young to care for.
Babe's dive for safety.

He adds another:
Hira's first Haiku
5,7,5 is difficult
Her mind is melting.

Shatoosh, what's it mean?
Himalayan finest wool
Both best in their class.

The afternoon drizzled, so we haiku-ed the day away. Late afternoon  turned out nice and we had a nice dinner in the fancy restaurant.

Total run: 84nm