Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Day 4: Mystery Bay

4 July 2014: Friday
Happy Fourth of July

We get an unusual send off from our slip. A lady across from us  has a major bubble maker with 2 wands a string. Wow is this something.

Coast Guard is Flying Flags   

We find one empty place at Mystery Bay State Park. The inside of the dock is filled with permanent dinghies for local residents who have their boats on mooring buoys. Uhmmm? How does that happen? I take Pashmina for a row down to Nordland General Store. Too Tall Walks. After Ice Cream he gets a lift back in a car and I buck the wind and skirt the shoreline to make it easier on my arms. While a quiet bay, there were lots of private fireworks.

Its crabbing season: Dodge Pots Everywhere- even in mid channel.

Note  shoaling and stay in the channel or you'll be aground.

Total Run: 66.4 nm