Sunday, September 1, 2013

My Boating Library is Complete

My new Puget Sound Boating Guide by Anne and Laurence Yeadon-Jones arrived. I have placed my # 4 copy it in my helm bookcase. Easy to grab in a moment's notice. My mouth is still watering as I browse through the over 100 destinations, wondering to myself, how could I have missed this enticing place? I have already jotted a few places that I definitely need to explore before our summer is over. The beautifully hand drawn charts with intricate detailing reflect the authors' attention to great detail, even down to anchorages and placement of buoys.

On page 148, I go to my favorite destination, McMickin State Park and see that Laurence has carefully sketched in a little caricature of Shatoosh with Dreamspeaker and Tink arriving. Later, he will be drawing a larger one for me.

The Guide also comes with a set of planning charts which are laminated and span from Puget Sound to Desolation Sound. They could double as place mats for the galley table. This new Guide is a must for any Puget Sound Cruiser. Go to to purchase your autographed copy.

In October they will be cruising south from their Home Port of Vancouver, BC to Gig Harbor to promote their book. Mark Your Calendars 7 October at Tides Tavern.

See you there. It is a Must To Do...