Friday, September 27, 2013

A Sun Break

Yesterday was gorgeous in the afternoon. A half day is better than no day of sun. One of my dock buddies helped me load Pashmina on the cabin hardtop for her winter home. There are 3 things wrong with my new lift; one is the upright pole too short, and the second thing is the lifting arm is also too short and the third is since the entire pole rotates 180 degrees to get the dinghy on top, that also means the winch rotates as well. This places the winch is an awkward place to lower the boat down. Night before last I awoke at 0130 hrs with a solution to the problems. More on this subject on another posting.

My crew person, Linda returned from several road trips, so I called her and she arrived with pizza in hand, just in time for a dinner, sunset cruise. Boy, the mountain was out crystal clear with the sun glowing on her in strawberry fashion, the city lights came on, The Glass Museum and the mega Yachts in the Foss Waterway is making Tacoma quite a fashionable destination.

Back and forth to my car and boat yesterday I ran across some other unique creatures that caught my eye.
Rent a goat to clear out blackberry bushes

A 8 foot creature scary as heck
Getting a jump on his Halloween outfit.