Saturday, January 5, 2013

Peter Puget Memorial Project is Officially Underway

My new year is busy with jury duty and yesterday I had a wonderful tour of the Capitol in Olympia with a friend, Skip Dreps who is my project adjutant for our joint effort in creating monuments along Lt. Peter Puget's route in the southern waters of Puget Sound. He is very familiar with the Capitol and its legislative process, so I was in good hands.Our first stop was to deliver a letter to the office of the Land Commissioner.
He will give us the go-ahead or permission to put our monuments on the state  lands of Blake and Cutts Islands. Once that is secured, then we will proceed to gaining permission of the Olympia Port/Plaza Commissioner for the third site.

Our next stop was to visit with a colleague of Skips at the Lt Governor's Office, who was most generous with his time, sharing thoughts on our project and offering ideas for us to consider. All of this took place in the Senate Chamber. Skip and I stood under the Washington State Flag at the Rostrum for a photo op. Talk about a powerful setting to do some project planning. We have received the highest blessings for this project.

Then we toured the many Memorials along the Capitol Campus which were so beautifully done. Afterwards, we headed back down to the Port and had lunch at Anthony's overlooking our proposed site for the 3rd Puget Memorial. Wow, what a day. Thanks Skip, I am  in very good hands.

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