Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Back to Researching Captain Vancouver

Happy New Year to All My Blog Readers

It is because of all of you that I can find myself at 0030 hrs on this new year day of 1 January 2013. The fireworks have ceased near my condo complex nestled near the Puyallup River about 8 miles east of I -5 Tacoma. I am sitting at my command module pouring over books, comparing and contrasting their authors interpretations of Captain Vancouver's own exploration of the southern waters. If one is vague on knowing that Peter Puget explored the southern waters, then you will be clueless to the fact that Captain  Vancouver ventured south, as well after he explored Browns Point and Commencement Bay of Tacoma. Vancouver took the Discovery's yawl and the Chatham's cutter.

His Lieutenant Puget was overdue so he headed south taking the continental shore to port and landed on Long or Ketron Island to camp for the night. It is here that he sees the Puget Party returning on a darkened northerly course. They fire off some muskets, but they go unnoticed by Puget. Puget did, however see the fire on shore but assumed it to belonged to Indians. Captain Vancouver now knowing his explorers are safe, continues south for some strange reason and duplicates some of Puget's route.

I have now obtained Vancouver's Log in addition to Edmond S. Meany's interpretation which is easier to read. However, both are very difficult to decipher, but I have made a big break though today locating some abstract positions and routes. In trying to map several locations that Vancouver was speaking about I could not figure out where they were. After at least 50 readings in several days I finally figured it out by the grace of God and a small miracle. I was looking at them entering an inlet and he was describing the view as they were exiting the inlet !! Then it all made perfect sense. It is easy to see how there are so many variations in their routes when we are all trying to interpret what the explorers are describing. Some are certainly more eloquent and have a deeper depth to their observations skills than others.   How they had time to write anything down with all the weather changes, open boats, on the routes from 4 in the morning until dark in the evening.  I  have gained so much respect and have so much admiration for who they were and how they accomplished all that they did.

I have since re-visited some of my own interpretations with the added information of these 2 books and have
discovered new insights into the Blake Island/Restoration Point anchorages. I will be clarifying these in future postings. Right now, I just wanted to take a few moments to wish you all a wonderful boating season 2013 and to thank you for all your support in my Adventures of Shatoosh and Pashmina.