Thursday, February 16, 2012

New LED Anchor Light

John Stokes of Ms Bettencourt in Georgia recently told me that I could now get an LED anchor light from a dealer that he uses in South Carolina. My anchor light is made by Aqua Signal and is the Series 25 type. The regular bulb is a festoon type that is double dimpled as opposed to the bullet connection. I had looked several years ago for a replacement but couldn't find one. I called the company to double check on the size and in a few days I had the light in my hot little hands.
44mm Festoon LED Navigational light Dimpled barrel end-item number FS-44-30B

Yesterday, I went to Shatoosh and in a matter of minutes the light was installed and working. This is wonderful, as the LED will hardly draw on my batteries ehrn anchored out and seems much brighter than the old one. Thanks John, you have made my day today, and probably for many dark nights to come.

On another note and rainy day project. I brought my old dirty life rings home and gave them a good scrubbing, took off the old lettering, as I was always unhappy with the spacing and setup of my lettering that I put on when I bought the new rings. After several trips to buy the correct letters and getting the old glue off the rings, I successfully reapplied them. I like this much better. Now I am happy with both Shatoosh lettering and my new Pashmina logo. We are ready for the boating season to begin.