Friday, October 14, 2011

Pashmina 2 Getting To Know Her

I've returned again to Shatoosh to tend to Pashmina 2 and her lines. I take lots of time to see what will be the best attachment and how I might want the lines to anchor her on the swim platform. First I tie a fender onto the platform to balance the boat in the bow section. Then measure and cut 2 stern lines and a center lifting line. After getting those attached, I release P2 and place her in the water and go for a row throughout the marina looking at all the boats and then venturing to the back inlet where a small creek flows. There are several log booms and old docks. Several Kingfishers and ducks are in the inlet.

I am surprised at how easy P 2 is to row. She glides through the water effortless. I make a few adjustments on the oars in the oar locks. A feeling of a new found fondness is emerging from my heart for this little funny looking boat. I'm going to like her, I say to myself. This is the moment I have been waiting for; a nautical bonding has taken place. I mean, it is extremely important to love your boat and dinghy. The boat takes you places that you can't go in a car, but a dinghy takes you places the boat can't take you. A dinghy is the best, it will carry you into the deeper crevices of the nautical highway. It allows you to see nature in her rawest form; the smells are different, the noises are unique, or the lack of sounds stop you in your tracks, you might get to see animal tracks, explore animal scat to see what foods the animals are eating, see Heron rookeries, or Bald Eagle nests. The lists go on and on. Yes, the dinghy is most important and worthy of great love from the owner. I can't wait, P2, lets get going and have some great adventures together. I row back to my slip and with great enthusiasm, I attach new lines to the fenders and have found 2 special nooks to place them under the seats. I see how I can stow the oars snugly and hopefully, securely. This is all coming together.  I end my day with leaving 2 options open for me for lifting the dinghy onto the platform. I plan to practice some with both ways, before I decide on a final version.

I take some good shots of all the sea anemones that are in the slip areas. My slip has some beauties. Notice how clear the water is. They are growing perpendicular to the dock's edge. Let's hope they stay on the dock and don't migrate to the hull.

Yesterday I finalized my project of a sun screen for my netbook/chartplotter. I bought some vinyl black document cover sheets. It is flat black on the inside and shiny on the outside. Will see how this works.