Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Shatoosh and Pashmina's Santa Letter

8 December 2009: Tuesday

Hira told us goodbye the other day, as she was leaving for her Christmas holidays with her twin sister Jean in El Paso, Texas. This is the beach/desert where they were born 66 years ago. We are going to miss her, so Pash and I decided that instead of being lonely down here in Scappoose that we'd write a letter to Santa with hopes that we can have our own Christmas party.

Dear Santa,

Pashmina and I have been such great companions this year to Hira and her gang of friends that we thought we'd like to tell you what we would like for Christmas.
1. Voltmeter
2. A book for our library: Bijaboji by Betty Loman Carey; used at Amazon
3. Donations for "cruising kitty" for diesel fuel/Alcohol fuel/spare parts for engine/LED aft cabin light and anchor light.
4. LED table lamp-Target

To make it easy for you, Santa, you could go online to http://www.westmarine.com/ and purchase a gift card in whatever amount you can afford. We will enjoy whatever you send.

With love,
Shatoosh and Pashmina
Santa, don't tell Hira that we have done this!