Friday, December 4, 2009

The Hawaiian Island Cafe

3 December 2009: Friday
I awoke to icy windows and docks with the cockpit temp at 32. I got up, started the heater, but feel warm in my fleece pants and pullover and cap, which I slept in. The sun was coming up and the sturgeon fishermen had been making loud talk for 30 minutes.

The Hawaiian Island Cafe waitress greeted me with,"Aloha", the Christmas decorations were up and "Mele Kalikimaka" was painted on the windows. IZ was playing on the cd changer. Gosh, I already feel warm and cozy. I'm off to a great start with hot coffee and bacon and eggs. While I'm immersed in Hawaiiana, I can never find myself eating a local favorite of spam and eggs with 2 scoops of rice. Just like the dinner menu had multiple choices of dishes, the breakfast menu was filled with goodies. All the prices are very reasonable and the Aloha spirit is dripping off the walls. If you have never eaten at the Hawaiian Island Cafe, it is well worth the cruise or car ride. Help keep our family resturants alive.
I depart St. Helens at 1040 hrs and pass several tugs loading up with barges at the entrance to the multnomah channel. I am able to hold 6knots against the current and ebbing tide which suits me fine. I see only one eagle, but many flocks of geese and cranes.

I stop at Coon Island to make me some coffee and enjoy the sun starting to emerge from the clouds.

I make a very nice docking into my slip at 1330 hrs. Check all the fluids, and bildge, as this will be my last trip this year.
I went 20.6 nm
Total for 2009: 677.8 nm
Total nm on the Columbia/Willamette Rivers from 2003-2009: 2811nm.