Monday, June 23, 2014

Gig Harbor

I got to Gig Harbor at 1630hrs and got the last spot on the dock. Hurrah. I met my ole Army friends for Mexican food and took an early to bed request from my body. The docks were busy as usual and I met some really interesting people. I met Jon Richards as he was biking and noticed Shatoosh. He and his wife always sees Albins while they are boating so he came aboard to look. He stated he was bringing his boat on Sunday and would stop by.

Pashmina and I took a row around the harbor Sunday morning. I met Georgia for lunch and then went back to do some chores but the boat traffic kept me busy. Then Deborah came to visit and meet Shatoosh. The Richards came so we had a nice tour of their aluminum dive and photography boat. Jon takes some unbelievable photos. They dive at night as well. Wow. Monday morning I ran across them fishing. What a pleasure to meet them.

Deborah and I walked to end of the harbor and ate at the Thai restaurant for dinner and discovered this sweet beach called Mussel Beach. 3 stone clams. It was delightful to get to know Deborah as we have just met at a conference in May. What a nice day meeting new people. Again I fell asleep at 9 pm.

As I approached the Foss Waterway on the way home I picked up a Channel 16 report that a Captain had fallen overboard in Elliott Bay. His vessel continued under auto pilot and rescue boats were being sent to retrieve the man and the boat. The ferries had been alerted. I did not hear the final results.