Monday, February 3, 2014

Shatoosh Meets New Albin Owners

Superbowl Sunday was a hit with Seahawks fans, but in Slip J-20, Foss Harbor Marina, Shatoosh had a Superbowl Sunday all on her own, meeting her own new fan base. Months of excitement have been building for Shatoosh, Pashmina, Hira and New Albin Owners--Jim and Karyn of eastern Washington(Tri-Cities) area. This is where the Great Rivers converge; the Columbia and Snake Rivers. Jim and Karyn have been Faceless Blog Readers for about a year and a half, taking notes and studying the blog, our adventures and taking advise to heart. So much so, they credit the blog for them deciding to purchase an Albin 25.

They found their new boat in Illinois. They trailered her back to Washington and have refitted the Albin engine with a  Kubota Beta Marine 25.

They are replacing the wiring, fittings, etc.and she is named Saunter. That name seems fitting for an Albin. They have been hanging out at the Seattle Boat show and we have gathered together for serious note taking and photo ops for projects galore. The sun came out and the new owners jumped with joy when I suggested it was time to go for a spin. This was the first time they have been in a floating Albin, so they both got a turn at the helm, up and down the Foss and in and out of Commencement Bay. Commencement Bay, the Bay in which Bill and Karyn commenced their Albin boating and on Seahawks Sunday Superbowl win. They treated me with a great meal at Tacoma's Harbor Lights. A day to remember and to celebrate.

I have encouraged them to start a blog of their own, so others can learn from and share in their Saunter's adventures. I can't wait to hear their next steps in their boating world.

Between people's blogs, the Yahoo Albin Group and the Google Albineers of British Columbia we have become a global family sharing information, buying and selling Albins. Our boats are over 40 years old, some are re-powered, some have hard tops, some remain simple with original engines. We have all put our fingerprints on them and they inject love into our hearts. They are simple, well built boats that are serving several generations of owners. We breathe new life into them and transport them to new places so they get to live in different waters.  What a cycle of life, what a boat, what a super Sunday.

Saunter, Bill and Karyn, may all your journeys be blessed. Thank you for making the trip over the mountains to meet us and for us to meet you. You now have lots of friends.