Monday, August 12, 2013

The Highest Bidder Goes to...

In May 2013, the Tacoma Waterfront Association had their annual fund raiser at the Tacoma Museum of Glass. I donated a Evening Cruise on Shatoosh with Wine and Cheese. There were quite a few bidders, but my long time sailing friend, Georgia and Sue hung in there for the final accounting and won.

We have been waiting for good weather and on the 3 August I cruised from the Foss Waterway to Gig Harbor outlasting the perimeter of a fog bank and arriving in beautiful sun filled Gig Harbor to pick them up. We had a delightful cruise heading north to Pt. Richardson and then crossing over to Vashon Island and returning to Gig Harbor. This loop offers a nice look at the variety of homes, which Georgia and Sue were interested in seeing.

After a tour of Gig Harbor we returned to the guest dock which was full. We headed to the back end of the harbor and set a lunch hook, but then the Skipper of the Ellie K hailed us and said an opening was available for us behind them.

Wine, cheese and heavy Pupus flowed in the cockpit of Shatoosh. It was a delightful afternoon and evening for all of us.
Georgia on the left and Sue on the right